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Josh and I (Anthony) are good friends dating back over 20 years.  Josh started Bike-n-Brew, originally called Capital City Bike-n-Brew, out of Michigan’s Capital City- East Lansing.  We are both entrepreneurs and have a drive to bring out the best in everything we do. 

Josh is also the owner of MiLife, an adult co-ed sports league operating in multiple cities in Michigan, and I am an owner of Torch Electrek (Soon to be Anseris Heated Gear®) a company I founded selling heated apparel mostly online.

Recently, Josh and I teamed up to bring Bike-n-Brew to Denver, one of our favorite cities and also where I currently live.  Bike-n-Brew gives us the opportunity to combine everything we love- being active and outdoors, socializing with our friends and of course partying!

We recently moved the one and only Bike-n-Brew bike from East Lansing to Denver.  It is currently on South Broadway where it will remain for the summer.   We have been documenting our story on Instagram and Facebook so check us out and give us a follow!

I cannot express how excited we are for this new venture and for all the people we will soon meet in Denver.  Come join us for a ride and have a few beers and share a few laughs with us!

Denver Bike-n-Brew Location

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